Who are you then?


My name is Craig and I am your run of the mill gamer. As far as gaming is concerned I try to have broad tastes and be as impartial as I can when criticizing the games I play.

Why did you start this blog?


I used to be a contributor to another blog on WordPress but unfortunately it became inactive and disbanded so I made this so I can still put my rambling somewhere on the internet.

Three Blue Shells?


Yeah there is a story to this name. One of my friends who is a Mario Kart fanatic once told us he got hit by you guessed it three blue shells and none of us believed him. I also thought it had a nice ring to it thus the name was born.

Is there going to be a theme to this blog?


Not at the moment no, but I might have recurring ideas for content in the future. for now it’s just going to be the standard video game blog.

Will you be having other contributors?


I am open to the idea of multiple writers to help keep content coming through. For now it’s just going to be me.

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