12 September 2016

Broforce Review

Broforce is a very simplistic yet incredibly fun and charming game. It features up to 4 player online or local co-op, as well as downloadable user made levels and multiplayer deathmatches. A lot of it's charm comes from a very nostalgic pixel art style, as well as a large cast of recognizable action heroes as the games cast of characters. It's hard to put into words the experienced garnered by playing Broforce. It's a love letter to retro gaming and the over the top action movies of the past. Take every insane moment from an 80's action film, compress it into 8-bit and inject it with Michael Bay levels of explosions and you have Broforce.

The gameplay of Broforce is fairly simple, but there's enough depth in the mechanics that you won't find yourself becoming bored too quickly. I've put in more hours then I can count and I still load it up every so often. Broforce's campaign is split into small segments. Each segment consists of about 5-7 levels. Each level has you start off with a random "bro". You run, jump and shoot from the left to the right until you reach the helicopter at the end of the level, all while trying not to die. You are given only one life at the beginning of each level. Take just one hit and you are sent back to the beginning of the level. To counteract this each level is filled  with a number of hostages you can save, giving you an extra life and a different bro. If you have more then one life and take a hit you are sent back to the last checkpoint you touched, a life is lost and you are given a different bro to continue on with. At the end of each segment is a boss fight. Beat the boss and you move onto the next segment. Rinse and repeat until the final boss is defeated.

There are a number of mechanics to Broforce that keep the gameplay fun and engaging. To start, each bro is very unique in how it plays. Each bro is based on an action hero from cinema. From instantly recognizable characters like The Terminator and Rambo to lesser known heroes like Cherry Darling and Tank Girl. As of writing there are currently 35 characters in the game, with I believe more on the way in future free updates. Every bro has it's main weapon, a melee attack and a special move with a limited number of uses. The main weapons consist of regular assault rifles, rocket launchers, flame throwers, explosives, shotguns and swords. As well, each special move is unique to the character. For instance, Rambo can toss grenades, while The Terminator can turn into his robotic form becoming invincible for a few seconds. Special move charges can be regained by picking up ammo crates littered throughout the level.

The levels themselves are unique as well. They aren't completely randomized but the placement of item pick-ups can vary from level to level. In each level these pick-ups consist of things like ammo, "vitamins" that increase your speed, remote controlled exploding cars, and others I won't spoil the surprise for. In each level are a number of hazards you must contend with. The main enemies are the "mooks", terrorists that want you dead. These mooks come in 4 varieties. Normal, large, exploding and dogs. The normal and exploding mooks only take one hit to die, but the dogs and large mooks take a few. There are a few other types of enemies you find later on in the game but revealing them would ruin story surprises. 80% of your enemies are these mooks. Scattered throughout the level are explosive barrels that can mess you up quickly if you're not careful. Keep your distance. Even the terrain itself is unique in that nearly all of the terrain is destructible. If you so choose you could tunnel underneath the level avoiding all enemies if the terrain allows it. Be careful when playing because causing too much damage could leave you in an impassable situation, although usually there are indestructible ladders and platforms that prevent this from happening.

Overall Broforce is a simple yet extremely fun game to play alone or with friends. If you're a fan of old action movies or that retro gaming style then you should certainly play Broforce. The game was clearly made with a lot of love towards action films, and you owe it to yourself to experience the insane campaign on your own.

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