15 March 2018

Sonic Forces Review

The term “it’s so bad, it’s good” has been used in video games for a long time now. Heck, even I used it to express my thoughts on Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) two years ago. Speaking of Sonic, last year was one of the more notable years for Sega’s soul franchise in recent times thanks to their being a truly quality title in the series that people outside of the fanbase found enjoyable. I’m of course talking about Sonic Mania, which isn’t the game I’m reviewing. No no no, while 2017 had Mania, it also had Sonic Forces: Sonic Team’s newest seemingly yearly entry in the almost 27 year old franchise. While Sonic Mania was created by fans, Forces was made by the actual developers, which in any other case, would result in a more well designed and well thought out game, but this being Sega and Sonic Team, that’s something that rarely happens. Since it has almost been two years since my last review of a Sonic game, why not take a look at another one of these glorious games; might as well be the most recent one.

3 December 2017

Zoop Review

With big successes in the gaming industry (or really any industry) comes imitators and companies trying to be the next big game or simply cashing in on a popular trend. While calling this game an imitator is harsh as it certainly tried to be different from Tetris and its many clones, Zoop REALLY tried to be the next Tetris. On paper, Zoop should’ve become the huge success Viacom New Media and Hookstone Productions wanted, being released on any relevant gaming console or computer in 1995 (except for the Virtual Boy, 32X, CDi, and 3DO). On top of that, the game had rad 90s advertising in magazines and commercials, was being published by a big company like Viacom, and even had the help of the once giant movie and game rental chain: Blockbuster to garner interest. However, even with all of that going for Zoop, the game still fell into obscurity while Tetris continued to live on. In retro game stores, in the bin of $3 SNES games, mixed in with the Madden ‘95s and Wordtris’, you’ll be bound to find a few copies of Zoop. A pity since, while the game won’t blow players away, it’s certainly not a stinker; after all, it was once Europe and America’s largest killer of time…or at least it was according to Zoop’s advertising.

31 October 2017

Obscure & Forgotten Mario Games Remastered- Part 9: Misfits

Welcome to the final part of the Obscure & Forgotten Mario Games Remastered series. In the last eight parts I’ve talked about Mario games that fit in a specific genre, but with this last part, we’ll be looking at games that couldn’t fit into any of the other categories. While some of them may be somewhat traditional in their gameplay, others are not or maybe they star characters that aren’t directly Mario related.

24 October 2017

Obscure & Forgotten Mario Games Remastered- Part 8: '00-'17 Arcade Games

Even with Nintendo being busy with their home and handheld consoles, Mario and friends still continued to show up in the arcades in the new millennium, but usually with the help of Capcom or Namco. Games in this penultimate part have a bigger focus on multiplayer and were released in the arcades from 2000-2017. While this is one of the longer parts at thirteen (technically fourteen) games, many of these games are similar to each other, so descriptions of most of these games will be pretty short.

17 October 2017

Obscure & Forgotten Mario Games Remastered- Part 7: 80s and 90s Arcade Games

While Mario got his start in the arcades in 1981 with Donkey Kong, he was still present in the arcade scene even with Nintendo shifting focus to the home console market just not always in the form of the traditional type of gameplay you may expect from the series. Part seven features Mario games that were released in arcades in either the 1980s or 1990s.

10 October 2017

Obscure & Forgotten Mario Games Remastered- Part 6: Edutainment Games

If games like Mario’s Time Machine and Mario is Missing have taught me anything, educational games with Mario are not fun or good in general. Heck educational games in the grand scheme of things aren’t fondly remembered with some of the only exceptions being Oregon Trail and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego. During the 90’s Nintendo seemed very open to licensing out their most popular character to various game companies with the result being a stack of mostly educational games with the occasional outlier like Hotel Mario. Games in this part attempt to teach players skills like math and how to type. I use the word attempt because these games will likely not keep your attention for long.

3 October 2017

Obscure & Forgotten Mario Games Remastered- Part 5: Sports and Party Games

Perhaps it’s just me, but it seems like sports games are one of the least popular genres of games outside of people who only buy the latest version of Madden, NBA 2K, or whatever the other yearly sports game releases are. I assume a chunk of that reason is because of the yearly releases of these types of games and how little changes between them or that if you were going to play football or basketball, you could just do that in real life. Regardless, the only sports games that seem to get any love are the Mario ones, which is what this section will be about along with party games. Why are party games included? Well like the yearly sports games, for a while the Mario Party games followed the same pattern of releasing a game each year with very little changing between entries. It totally wasn't because I didn't want to end up with two more parts to this series that would be super short.