19 September 2017

Obscure & Forgotten Mario Game Remastered- Part 3: Puzzle Games

Going from the shortest to the longest with this week’s part. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from writing this series is that there are not only a lot of puzzle games in the Mario series, but that Nintendo REALLY loves Dr. Mario. Games in part three will have players dropping pills on viruses, using logic to uncover images, blowing up woodland creatures, and more. Hope you have some spare time since their are fourteen games  to cover.

12 September 2017

Obscure & Forgotten Mario Games Remastered- Part 2: Ports & Remakes

Moving on from the traditional Mario games, we’re still going to be in fairly familiar territory with this part, covering ports and remakes of pre-existing games. With a highly acclaimed game, eventually comes various ports, remakes, and virtual console rereleases. The Mario series is no stranger to this with games like Super Mario All-Stars on the SNES and the four Mario Advance games released on the Game Boy Advance being the most well-known examples. Most of the games in this section still have the traditional 2D Mario gameplay. When I say most, I only mean two of the three games (technically four); this is the shortest of the nine parts. Any remakes of puzzle games will appear next week in part 3.

8 September 2017

Mole Mania Review

A game falling into obscurity isn’t a new or rare thing; every year there are games that get released, usually with very little advertising or suffer from bad timing by releasing around the same time as a AAA game or new console. Being released in 1997, Mole Mania ended up being forgotten due to both of the reasons just mentioned; there were no commercials for the game and its timing couldn’t be any worse in Japan since the first set of Pokemon games were released only a few months prior which took the country—and later the world—by storm. Even with Pokemon Red and Blue being a year away outside of Japan, the game didn’t fare any better in the western world with audiences and developers being focused on the 3D worlds made possible by new home consoles like the PlayStation. What isn’t so common when it comes to games becoming forgotten is when it’s made by a big company like Nintendo, let alone Shigeru Miyamoto like Mole Mania was.

5 September 2017

Obscure & Forgotten Mario Games Remastered- Part 1: Intro and Traditional Games

When you think of video games one of the first things you probably think of is Mario, Nintendo’s flagship series and one of the most recognizable fictional characters. Having been around for thirty-five years, and still going strong to this day, Mario has been in many games (over two-hundred in fact). While I’m sure you can name off twenty or so, I doubt you could name each and every video game Mario, or characters from the Mario franchise have appeared in. For this reason, I wanted to create this series of blogs to present Mario games that almost never get time in the limelight for one reason or another; maybe they were only released in one region of the world or maybe they got overshadowed by bigger games at the time. Originally, when I first wrote this three-part series back in 2012 I had covered almost 40 games, but now after doing more research, I was able to come up with over 70 Mario games that many people have forgotten. Except for two games, I won’t be covering any cancelled video games that feature Mario or Mario characters; the reason being so you’d be able to give these games a try after reading these series of blogs to experience them yourself (although it may be harder to try some of these games out compared to others). This updated blog series will be broken up into nine parts with each part covering a certain genre of games, with this first part covering Mario games with gameplay that we’re familiar with: jumping on platforms and beating up evil mushrooms and turtles.

25 September 2016

The Sunday Round-Up DOUBLE BILL: 12th September - 25th September

I was unavailable to do a round-up last time out but you won't miss anything with our double bill special, so let's get straight to it.

20 September 2016

Three Blue Shells Cast! - Ep. 3: PS4 Pro

In today's episode of Three Blue Shells Cast, Bobbo and Craig talk about the September Sony Event which revealed a slimmer PS4 model, a slew of new gameplay footage, and of course, the upgraded PS4 Pro.

We hope you enjoy our latest episode and always appreciate feedback and your thoughts through our social media outlets and the comments section below.

13 September 2016

Thrustmaster T500RS Racing Wheel Review

While we have done plenty of game reviews on ThreeBlueShells, I've decided that today we'll be doing something a bit different by reviewing a hardware peripheral. The equipment in question is Thrustmaster's top-of-the-line racing wheel for PC, PS3 and PS4 game systems, the T500RS! As you may know, racing games are kinda my thing so who better to let you guys know the ins and the outs on what is an expensive bit of kit.